Fleet Services

Maintaining the professional image of your fleet is a large responsibility.

Eco Friendly Soaps
How can you ensure that your fleet will present a positive image of your company, yet find a reputable wash vendor that is eco-friendly and Paint Friendly in this “green” oriented world? DMM Fleet Washing is the answer to the question – and the solution to the problem!

Wastewater Reclamation & Management Systems

Wash Water ReclaimDMM Fleet Washing  is the leader  of fleet washing which is widely used across the US! This exclusive 2-step washing procedure utilizes 100% biodegradable detergents and eco-friendly procedures. Wastewater Reclamation & Management Systems are our specialty. Another benefit is that our products returns to the environment at or close to a neutral (7) pH state – a very uncommon environmental safeguard to find in the fleet vehicle washing industry! We are a fully qualified, fully insured, recognized company equipped to handle a wide range of truck, equipment, and fleet vehicle washing duties, including:

  • Semi’s / Tractor Trailers
  • Tanker Trucks
  • Box Trucks
  • Government Vehicles
  • Delivery / Cargo Vans
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial Equipment and much more!


DMM Fleet Washing is the leading pressure washing services provider in South Florida, Ft.  Lauderdale, Miami, Doral, and nearby cities. DMM Fleet Washing provides businesses, homeowners, and fleet operators with safe, affordable, and exceptional power washing and exterior pressure cleaning services. Call your power wash service pro now for a free estimate.


Our professional Fleet Pressure Washing Service specialists are equipped to handle any type and size of a truck, bus, and trailer fleets. We regularly maintain truck, bus and trailer fleets owned by the largest operators in the Waco, Temple, and Killeen area.

Truck Fleets
Bus Fleets
School Bus Fleets
Storage Garages


Our Heavy Equipment Pressure Washing Service pros are equipped and trained to power wash heavy equipment with exceptional results. Washer Power is the premier equipment cleaning provider in South Florida, Central Florida and In Between



Rejuvenating your homes, offices, or public building exterior walls and siding. Cleaning vinyl, wood, brick, concrete, metal sidings & more.

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